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Katherine She/Her

Katherine is a Qualified Mental Health Associate.  She works with PATH clients helping them find resources in the community, paperwork (registering to vote) and those in crisis.  She holds a bachelors' of Science in Psychology from Grand Canyon University and is currently working towards her master in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling at Portland State University. 

Katherine has 3 and 1/2 years of experience working with children as direct mental health support in a trauma informed capacity at a facility for children in the foster care and adoption system in California. She has been at The PATH Center as clinical office staff and as a Neurofeedback technician for the past 2 years and is familiar with the clinic's protocols and providers. 

She is currently the office manager as she is finishing her course work at PSU providing administrative support as well client advocacy/support, case management, and aiding in quality assurance for The PATH Center clinicians.


Katherine believes that healing can come from all aspects of a person's and mental health support should be a collaborative experience to increase connection and cultivate a safe environment for growth and healing. She aims to provide various tools that clients can utilize at any time outside of sessions and be a stable support in their journey. 


In her free time Katherine enjoys spending time with friends and community, reading, enjoying an array of different forms of media, and spending quality virtual time with her family in California. 

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