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Terry Moody,  QMHP,  Intern     She/Her

Terry is a clinical mental health counselor in training and a certified meditation teacher passionate about supporting people in connecting with their innate capacity for healing and creating a life that is meaningful, clear, connected, and empowered. Terry has devoted much of her life to learning and synthesizing teachings and theories from diverse psychotherapeutic, spiritual, and somatic traditions to more fluidly navigate the challenges of being human and to help others do the same. Rooted in empathy and unconditional positive regard, her person-centered, existential-humanistic, and strength-based approach is holistic and eclectic, emphasizes resource and skill building, and includes an active awareness of the body and mind for a greater and more felt experience of safety, aliveness, and wholeness. Terry is trained in EMDR.

Endlessly inspired and informed by the natural world, Terry spends much time outside walking,
hiking, and engaging in meditation and creative contemplative practices.
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