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Rainee Arevalo, She/Her

Welcome! My name is Rainee, and I am so happy you have taken this brave journey to
seek therapeutic support. Life is hard enough, and sometimes, just showing up takes
courage. I am passionate about working with individuals in all stages of their journey.
My clients are often deeply feeling, highly sensitive people who have struggled to
integrate all parts of themselves but are ready to experience the confidence that comes
from owning painful chapters of their stories. “If we can share our story with someone
who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive” – Brene Brown.
Therapy is a journey, a commitment to whole person healing for lasting change. I
believe that clients have the power to reclaim their stories as the experts of their own

I work with individuals who deal with a variety of issues, such as trauma, attachment
issues, anxiety and depression, relationship issues, and self-esteem/worth. My therapy
approach provides a personalized, collaborative, and empowering approach incorporating insights from a diverse strength-based theoretical framework, such as
trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, internal family systems
therapy, and attachment. I will be completely trained in EMDR by mid-August 2024.

In my free time, I love nature, gardening, music and watching movies.

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