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Melissa Romeo,  QMHP,  Intern     She/Her

Melissa is a graduate of the University of Illinois and a current master’s student at Southwestern College. She is receiving a dual degree in art therapy and counseling with a certification in addictions, abuse and recovery. Melissa has over 2 years of classroom experience exploring a range of therapeutic approaches, including art therapy techniques, with youth and adults ages 16 and above.  Melissa is trained in EMDR. 

Melissa believes that we all have the potential to live abundant and meaningful lives but that trauma, cycles of addiction, and larger systems of oppression often impede our paths. While creative expression, somatic healing and attachment-focused therapies guide her approach, Melissa understands that every individual has their own, unique healing process. She believes that the work of therapy is one of integration and relationship-building, so that clients feel supported and resourced enough to embody new skills and practices in their everyday lives. She identifies as a life-long learner and hopes to co-create a therapeutic space with her clients so that they feel empowered, heard, seen and understood. 

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