Groups Regularly Offered by PATH Therapists

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Disordered Eating Support Group Starting Tuesday November 15th 7:00 to 8:30pm

An 8 week closed group 18 + experiencing and/or recovering from disordered eating behaviors, including/not limited to bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating. Meet among peers in a welcoming, trauma informed space. In-person, dates and time TBD. Questions? Contact:

LGBTQ+ and Gender Queer Teens

An 8 week process group for all genders, ages 12 + exploring strengths and challenges among a resilient and caring community. In-person evenings, TBD.  Questions? Contact:

Rebuilding Community: Beyond Religious Trauma

An 8 week closed relational abuse of power. Meet with peers who have “been there” in a welcoming, trauma in formed space. Mondays at 6:30 pm over zoom. Questions? Contact:


Men's Trauma Group

An education/skills and process group for folks who identify as male,18+, exploring the intersection of trauma/stress, gender issues, relationships, work, and the self. Fridays on Zoom from12:00pm-1:30pm.

Questions? Contact:

Attachment Process Group

Our attachment determine how we function in our daily lives. This group will include psychoeducation and exploration of our own attachment styles. This eight week group is for those 18 and over. It is In-person, dates and time TBD. Questions? Contact:


Art Therapy and Social Skills Group (Winter/Spring)

An 8 week open process group ages 11to14 exploring art, identity, and social skills in an inviting and safe space. In-winter/spring.  NOTE: This group will be offered in the winter/spring, inquiries will be considered and added to our waitlist. Question?  Contact: