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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

At Portland Neurofeedback and The Path Center. We are committed to diversity and inclusion across race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, and Identity. We recognize that marginalization can be both direct and indirect when navigating systems while seeking care. We are navigating and learning the systems as well and may have to adhere to some rules that have not yet been updated to accurately reflect the population. The staff at Portland Neurofeedback and The PATH strive towards continuing to learn and grow within our field and offer the best possible services to all that seek care with us. Here at PNF and The PATH Center we want you to feel seen, heard, valued and respected in who you are. 

Section I.  Race and Ethnicity Disclosure 

  1.  The board of Oregon wants mental health facilities to ask and keep track of the race and ethnicity of the population served so that they can make better efforts in diversity and inclusion in the area so that the providers can better match the population. 

  2. We understand and acknowledge that historically questions like these have been used in the continued marginalization of minority groups; however going forward the hope is to get a better understanding of  the population utilizing services and to use that information to provide services that are more diverse and inclusive.

Section II. Identity Disclosure 

  1. We do have to have the name that is reflected on your current insurance just so that we are able to accurately bill for services. If it is in the process of being changed  we will still need the name that is reflected on the insurance until it is changed.

  2. While we wait for that to change we make sure that your preferred name is accurately displayed on your chart along with your gender identity to avoid referring to you in any way that does not align with who you are. 

  3. We make continued efforts to be as respectful and inclusive as possible in our facility and we understand that the legalities, billing, and red tape is already difficult enough to navigate on its own and we have no intention of making that harder. 

  4. While we wait for those systems to catch up and become more up to date and inclusive while we also try to navigate them so everyone can receive services we will make every possible effort to respect and honor your identity.

Section III     ADA Disclosure

  1. We understand how important it is to be able to find accessible care. We make continued efforts to make sure care is accessible to all who seek it with us. If you have any needs for accommodation please let us know and we will do our best to make sure you’re able to access care here at Portland Neurofeedback and The PATH Center. 

                                                                                       Below is a Map to Our ADA Accessible Building

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