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Marissa Neloms (she/her)

Marissa Neloms is a graduate of South Carolina State University and holds a Master of Arts degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.  She is fluent in several languages, including American Sign Language and Spanish.  She enjoys working with people from all communities and cultures.

Marissa is passionate about teaching others how to be mentally and emotionally resilient in a challenging world. She employs a variety of evidence-based techniques to support the well-being of those embarking on a journey toward wellness. She also enjoys incorporating films, music, video games, television, art, and sports into her therapeutic process.

Hailing from the Mid-West, Marissa has lived in multiple regions of the United States and has extensive
experience interacting with people from all walks of life. Her mission is to be a guide that assists each person she works with on a path of discovery, recovery, and becoming.

In her free time, Marissa enjoys creative writing, reading non-fiction, listening to music, watching sports, deconstructing films, and studying ancient spiritual writings.

She is currently accepting clients interested in telehealth sessions.

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