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Master’s Level Mental Health Student Interns at The PATH Center will be provided with supervision and oversight so they can develop the knowledge and skills for a profession in behavioral health. The Internship Program is designed to serve as a bridge between the knowledge they gain in completing required coursework and applying that knowledge to clinical client services. It is expected that student intern will maintain ethical standards and follow all of The PATH Center's policies as well as State and Federal regulations throughout the program to guide their development into professional clinicians. The following represents the primary opportunities and responsibilities that a Student Intern may expect during the internship.

Placement Includes

  • 10 hours - new clinician orientation

  • 5 hours (and ongoing) – training in documentation of assessments, treatment plans, and services notes that meet the Federal and State guidelines for Medicaid that can be used in a variety of settings.

  • 1 hour of weekly individual supervision for the duration of your internship.

  • 1-2 hours per month of multi-disciplinary group supervision.

  • Experience conducting assessments, developing treatment plans, and providing individual and group direct service with clients.

  • Utilization of an electronic health record system for appointments and documentation.

  • Experience providing both in person and telehealth therapy.

  • Tips on starting your own practice and mentorship.

  • Shared office, laptop to conduct office business and telehealth sessions, open door policy, flexibility, an uplifting and supportive environment.


  • 5-7 clients (depending upon required internship hours)

  • Group facilitation experience

  • 10-15 Biopsychosocial assessment

  • 5-10 individualized treatment plans

  • Coordination of care with family and/or outside agencies

  • Various populations to treat

*Practicum students are required to stay through their internship but can have a secondary site.

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