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Teresa Jansen, LPC    She/Her

Teresa views healing through an attachment and biopsychosocial lens, meaning that there are many intersecting areas of life (biological, psychological, social/relational) that all impact wellness. Teresa is trained in EMDR, IFS, LI (Lifespan Integration), Pain Management, and Spiritual Trauma.


She uses an intersectional, attachment and strength-based approach, along with many individualized interventions to help her clients reach their goals. Several years after experiencing personal healing from severe depression, trauma, and social anxiety, Teresa completed her Masters in Counseling and is now a Licensed Professional Counselor.


Teresa considers it a privilege to work with every client, and has experience working with men/women/nonbinary, LGBTQiA+, adolescents, folks in recovery, and survivors of domestic violence. She supports people working through addiction, anxiety, career goals, depression, PTSD, parenting, trauma, peak performance, pain management, and relationship concerns. Teresa facilitates a group for people with spiritual trauma.

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